Myrissa Otterbein-Pyle

I am passionate about going into research for psychedlic substances.

Affiliations Volunteer at Oregon Psilocybin Society
Member of Vancouver Psychedelic Society, mushroom-id, and Psychedelic Group Organisers
Areas of interest psychedelics mental health healing research psychedelic harm reduction psychedelic research plant medicines psychedelic science nature healing
LinkedIn in/myrissa-otterbein-pyle-204058a6

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Myrissa's story

I am currently a senior at the National University of Natural Medicine. This spring I graduate with a pre-med degree in Integrative Health Sciences. MAPS has been on my radar since 2015. Last spring I obtained my EMT in hopes of gaining valuable skills and also contributing to the field of psychedelic harm reduction. I currently intern at Helfgott Research Institute and finishing my final CAPSTONE project on psilocybin mushrooms. I am following this path and trusting in the universe.

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