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What if I told you that a leading theory of consciousness in the scientific space puts you in the realm of being a collection of microscopic Quantum Computers(ish) collapsing possibility into actuality?

Quantum anything should set off at least some alarm bells to those skeptically minded, yet this theory has been coauthored by a prominent prize winning scientist, who shares the 1988 Wolf Prize for physics with Stephen Hawking, Sir Roger Penrose. Also for those of us who haven't yet written off free will, Quantum Mechanics seems like a very rational place to look.

Below is a link to a video which is 43 minutes, but it's also one of the best presentations on Orchestrated Objective Reduction I've seen from Stuart Hameroff (who worked with Sir Roger Penrose on the theory and has been fascinated by consciousness and these molecular structures within cells, microtubules, that appear to be responsible for computation and movement). For those of you who want to do a bit of background before the meetup.

Youtube: A Brief History of the Study of Consciousness, Stuart Hameroff

What's even more interesting about this theory is the way Psychedelics have the potential to change the Quantum states of these microtubules, essentially acting as an opposite to anaesthetic.

For the first time, it looks like there may be real scientific plausibility that psychedelics are allowing access to something else that isn't just necessarily entirely imagined.

*Quantum Hedonism is a name Stuart Hameroff has jokingly referred to it as in the past, it seems to me to have a little more flair than saying Orchestrated Objective Reduction via microtubules.

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