Vancouver Psychedelic Society

We are a group circle advocating responsible use of psychedelics and plant medicines as tool for healing, mental wellness, personal growth and spiritual development. Our mission is to spread awareness and perspectives - both positive and negative - associated with psychedelics.

We offer psychedelic education for people who are looking to learn more about the scientific research, health benefits, therapeutic potential, harm reduction, and policy reform. We offer trip sitting workshops and guide to establish and facilitate compassionate care services.

We are building a community of like-mind people and provide peer support to those who may need immediate attention and support after a challenging psychedelic experience.

We are exploring non-ordinary state of consciousness in the context of cultural, historical, social, political, scientific, creative, entrepreneurial and innovative business environments.

We promote respectful and constructive dialog between communities from diverse background. We actively seek out opportunity to engage the medical and law enforcement communities and provide professional guidelines to address the principles of care, legal considerations, case studies and risk management with outside organisations.

Our integration circle meet every two weeks by online conference. It is a place to work through and process psychedelic experiences in a confidential and safe setting. Integration circle is a respectful and non-judgemental forum where people can talk about their experiences with these molecules and plant medicines that are taboo, illegal and allegedly dangerous. (But talking about it is safe and legal.)

Occasionally we have a specific topic or education session that goes from 15 to 30 minutes, then the circle is open up for discussion. (e.g. Can psychedelic experiences facilitate the release of trapped traumatic energy in the body?)

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