What this group is FOR:

What this group is NOT for:

When registering, in addition to including your REAL name, please write a substantial response to applicable questions.

After registering, please update your area of expertise and add a picture. For members of psychedelic communities, please register your group if this has not already been done.

Mission Statement of the Psychedelic Group Organizers:

"As founders and representatives of psychedelic societies across the globe, we assert that people have a basic liberty and freedom to responsibly use psychedelics substances: for healing, for growth, for fun, and for personal, collective and spiritual exploration.

We work to secure these rights in collaboration with allies within social, political and scientific institutions.

We support changes to existing national and international laws and governmental policies which would decriminalize and reschedule psychedelics, allowing for proper research and safe regulated access to stop pushing people into clandestine practices and the risks of the black market and the penal system.

We resolve to change the cultural dialogue surrounding psychedelic substances to accurately reflect what is known, and steer it towards more productive and compassionate conclusions through education and information.

Like mushrooms emerging after the rain, the global network of psychedelic societies is rising up as a public forum and voice for all the people who appreciate psychedelics."

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