Asia & Australia Psychedelic Group

5 members / 1 conversation. A way for those of us based in Asia, Australia and the rest of Oceania to connect. As I suspect that there are relatively few of us in Asia I thought that I would combine the Asia group with the folks from Australia. We'll also be in similar time zones for any virtual meetups.

Boston Entheogenic Network

3 members / 0 conversations. Purpose of BEN: to collaborate on projects that investigate, educate, and celebrate the use of entheogenic experiences in the modern world for the social benefits of public health, human rights, and activism. In this group we have events and talk about consciousness, plant medicines, meditation, radical politics, psychedelics, art, wellness, sustainability, integration, empathy, mutual aid, the future and the now.

42 members / 6 conversations

172 members / 7 conversations. A group for everyone who has participated in a Psychedelic Experience Weekend

376 members / 116 conversations. Connecting members of the global psychedelic movement (areas include research, harm reduction, drug policy, therapy and community organising)

La Sociedad Psicodélica España

2 members / 1 conversation. La sociedad Psicodélica en España. Podemos conversar en Español y Inglés. Let's speak in English or Spanish.

74 members / 15 conversations

North America

66 members / 1 conversation. This is a sub-group for Psychedelic Organizers based in North America (Canada and U.S.).

Oxford Psychedelic Society

4 members / 0 conversations. The Oxford, UK chapter of the global psychedelic conversation.


3 members / 0 conversations. A Psychedelic Education and Support Community

Psychedelic Group Organisers

71 members / 24 conversations. A network for Psychedelic Societies and similar organisations to communicate, organise, share information, etc.

Psychedelic Organisers Europe

10 members / 1 conversation. A group for the European psychedelic community to organise

Sociedad Psicodélica Centroamericana

2 members / 0 conversations

56 members / 6 conversations. A group for people making a regular donation to the Psychedelic Society

UBC Psychedelic Society

1 member / 0 conversations. Our Mission Statement: We are a group of passionate individuals who recognize the ability of psychedelic substances to facilitate altered states of consciousness that are invaluable for therapy and personal growth, as well as for enriching many fields of scientific and intellectual inquiry. We would like to promote an unbiased, fact-based discussion of these substances centered around their application to areas such as psychiatry, clinical psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociology, and aim to help further the evident 21st century psychedelic renaissance.

A project of