Asia & Australia Psychedelic Group

16 members / 3 conversations. A way for those of us based in Asia, Australia and the rest of Oceania to connect. As I suspect that there are relatively few of us in Asia I thought that I would combine the Asia group with the folks from Australia. We'll also be in similar time zones for any virtual meetups.

Boston Entheogenic Network

9 members / 0 conversations. Purpose of BEN: to collaborate on projects that investigate, educate, and celebrate the use of entheogenic experiences in the modern world for the social benefits of public health, human rights, and activism. In this group we have events and talk about consciousness, plant medicines, meditation, radical politics, psychedelics, art, wellness, sustainability, integration, empathy, mutual aid, the future and the now.

Cornwall Psychedelics Society

11 members / 5 conversations. A new, friendly group which welcome'a any members interested in psychedelics for spiritual exploration, consciousnesses enhancement and the relief of mental health issues. Let's connect and we can organise some meet up's!

Crypto Discussion Group

15 members / 1 conversation

59 members / 6 conversations

Geneva Psychedelic Explorers

4 members / 1 conversation. A group of psychedelic curious and explorers based in Geneva

462 members / 142 conversations. Connecting members of the global psychedelic movement (areas include research, harm reduction, drug policy, therapy and community organising)

La Sociedad Psicodélica España

7 members / 1 conversation. La sociedad Psicodélica en España. Podemos conversar en Español y Inglés. Let's speak in English or Spanish.

long island psych

3 members / 2 conversations. general group for all long islanders interested in psychedelics / entheogens

98 members / 16 conversations

North America

68 members / 2 conversations. This is a sub-group for Psychedelic Organizers based in North America (Canada and U.S.).

Oregon Psychedelic Community

2 members / 0 conversations

Oxford Psychedelic Society

20 members / 1 conversation. The Oxford, UK chapter of the global psychedelic conversation.


5 members / 0 conversations. A Psychedelic Education and Support Community

Psychedelic Group Organisers

88 members / 30 conversations. A network for Psychedelic Societies and similar organisations to communicate, organise, share information, etc.

Psychedelic Organisers Europe

9 members / 1 conversation. A group for the European psychedelic community to organise

Psychedelic Society Steiermark / Graz

8 members / 1 conversation. Die Psychedelic Society Graz fördet den Dialog über die Risiken und Vorteile von Psychoaktiven Substanzen. **In diese Gruppe geht es nicht um den Tausch oder die Verbreitung von Psychoaktiven Drogen** Facebook Group:

Sociedad Psicodélica Centroamericana

2 members / 0 conversations

Summer of Love 3.0

7 members / 0 conversations. WHAT IS THE SUMMER OF LOVE 3.0? THIRD TIME LUCKY! An event took place on the 26th May 2017 which launched the ‘Third Summer of Love‘ in Amsterdam. 2017 was exactly 50 years since 1967 and the first ‘Summer of Love‘ which had its origins in San Francisco. 2018 an 2019 are exactly 30 years since 1988/1989 and the ‘Second Summer of Love‘ originating in London. THREE WORDS Three words that link together all three Summer’s of Love are the ideals of LOVE, PEACE and FREEDOM. THIRD TIME LUCKY This Third Summer of Love will be the Third Time Lucky because finally these ideals will take hold and our planet, with the cooperation of all its inhabitants, will begin to heal itself. This is the final stage of a three stage process which began in 1967 with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The difference about our ‘Third Summer of Love‘ is that it will be about the healing properties now becoming evident through the use of psychotropic substances and entheogens. Our intention is to promote the current renaissance around psychedelic substances and entheogenic plants for the purposes of healing. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW WHAT THE PLANET NEEDS IS A ‘SUMMER OF LOVE 3.0‘ THIRD TIME LUCKY! Amsterdam is the only place this ‘Third Summer of Love‘ can emerge, as here we have the luxury of a traditionally tolerant and progressive society quick to realise the medicinal benefits of psychedelic and psychotropic plants. Taking our cue from the second Summer of love being two summers long we are making the ‘The Third Summer of Love‘ three summers long. Thus we started in 2017, will continue through 2018 until the end of 2019. This happily and numerically coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first Summer of Love in 1967 and the 30th anniversaries of the second Summer of Love in 1988 and 1989. A coincidence not to be overlooked. Therefore we now have three glorious summers to bring our message to the world. We will encourage further events and affiliated causes across Europe and the rest of the world. The symbol for the ‘Third Summer of Love‘ is the butterfly, reflecting the colourful, transformative, peaceful and natural origins of entheogens and their divine providence, in addition to the personal metamorphosis which often accompanies ones journey beyond entheogenic healing. The unique environment of the Netherlands lends itself very well to the continuance of this awakening because, as you probably know, here the use of certain entheogens is tolerated. Through our naturally progressive and tolerant community we have positioned the Netherlands at the forefront of this burgeoning revolution and psychedelic renaissance around the medicinal use of psychedelic substances. JOIN US We have caught the zeitgeist around the growing movement for the use of psychotropic substances and entheogens for healing and promoting awareness of a higher consciousness which is currently evolving in humanity. The first two ‘Summers of Love’ have informed and influenced this new and emerging ‘Third Summer of Love‘, a celebration of health, life and a new conscious era dawning for the planet as a whole. We stand on the threshold of exciting times as the power and efficacy of these medicines are being proven in case study after case study to help with PTSD, depression, addiction, and reducing the anxiety of the terminally ill. Amsterdam is the only place this ‘Third Summer of Love‘ can emerge, as here we have the luxury of a traditionally tolerant and progressive society quick to realise the medicinal benefits of psychedelic and psychotropic plants.

The Psychedelic Society of the Solent

1 member / 0 conversations

UBC Psychedelic Society

1 member / 0 conversations. Our Mission Statement: We are a group of passionate individuals who recognize the ability of psychedelic substances to facilitate altered states of consciousness that are invaluable for therapy and personal growth, as well as for enriching many fields of scientific and intellectual inquiry. We would like to promote an unbiased, fact-based discussion of these substances centered around their application to areas such as psychiatry, clinical psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociology, and aim to help further the evident 21st century psychedelic renaissance.

Vancouver Psychedelic Society

33 members / 5 conversations. We are a group circle advocating responsible use of psychedelics and plant medicines as tool for healing, mental wellness, personal growth and spiritual development. Our mission is to spread awareness and perspectives - both positive and negative - associated with psychedelics.

We offer psychedelic education for people who are looking to learn more about the scientific research, health benefits, therapeutic potential, harm reduction, and policy reform. We offer trip sitting workshops and guide to establish and facilitate compassionate care services.

We are building a community of like-mind people and provide peer support to those who may need immediate attention and support after a challenging psychedelic experience.

We are exploring non-ordinary state of consciousness in the context of cultural, historical, social, political, scientific, creative, entrepreneurial and innovative business environments.

We promote respectful and constructive dialog between communities from diverse background. We actively seek out opportunity to engage the medical and law enforcement communities and provide professional guidelines to address the principles of care, legal considerations, case studies and risk management with outside organisations.

Our integration circle meet every two weeks by online conference. It is a place to work through and process psychedelic experiences in a confidential and safe setting. Integration circle is a respectful and non-judgemental forum where people can talk about their experiences with these molecules and plant medicines that are taboo, illegal and allegedly dangerous. (But talking about it is safe and legal.)

Occasionally we have a specific topic or education session that goes from 15 to 30 minutes, then the circle is open up for discussion. (e.g. Can psychedelic experiences facilitate the release of trapped traumatic energy in the body?)

A project of