Affiliations Co Founder at Phi (Association for Expanded States of Mind)
Member of Oxford Psychedelic Society and Global Psychedelic Network
Twitter @randomquaint
LinkedIn in/eduardo-j-romero

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Eduardo's story

Psychologist and teacher from UNMDP, Argentine. Master in Psychobiology of Knowing, U. de Chile, Chile. Half part of a Ph. D. in HHRR and Organizations, UB, España. I´m started teaching psychology at students of the last years of the Psychology career and Economic Science career. After that I founded a few differents projects (magazine, consulting, event productions, etc). In the last 10 years I discover the "psychedelic world" and bit by bit my interest about psychology, and expanded states of consciousness was growing until today. Now I´m an independent researcher, psychonaut, professor, and activist for the legalization of the entheogens.

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